Mauya - Welcome - Samukele is a platform for restoring, preserving and celebrating african culture and identity and promoting african ownership of the evolution of our cultures.

It places our self knowledge at the centre of our development by providing the tools in order to understand ourselves better and instill and promote the values of "unhu/ubuntu".

Most Recent Proverb

Ane benzi ndeane rake, kudzana unopururudza

One who has a fool, it is their fool - if the fool should dance they will ululate (applaud). When your crazy person dances, you applaud. Let the fool be your own (kin), their dancing leads to your applause.


Evuka muva ibanjwa yizinja

The animal that rises up late will be caught by dogs


Gunguwo rakaramba kumirira museve, rikapona nehwakwumukwaku; Gunguwo rakapona negwakumukwaku

The crow refused to wait for the arrow but escaped by hopping from place to place. The crow survived through jumping from one place to the other.


Imikhombe iyenanana

Gifts one get are exchanged for others.


Wahlangana lembila zithutha

He met the dassies moving home.


Chomungozva chinodyiwa nowabata mwana

Food belonging to a woman who has recently given birth can only also be eaten by someone who cuddles the child.


Zithiywa ngezikudlayo

The birds are trapped using what they eat.


Aiva madziva ava mazambuko

What used to be pools/lakes are now fords/bridges.


Induku itshaya umviki

A knobkerrie hits one who defends it.


Kunokanganwa mudyi wenyemba muoreri wemateko haakanganwi

The one who forgets is the eater of the beans, the one who gathers up the shells does not forget.


Ungaqali ngembeleko umntwana engakazalwa

Don't start with a baby carrying blanket before a child is born.


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