Akweva sanzu akweva nemashizha aro Wakweva sanzu wakweva namarara aro

Kana ukachengeta munhu ane vamwe vanhu vari pasi pake ibva waziva kuti wava kutofanira kuriritira iye nevanhu vake vose ava, sokuti murume anoroora mvana ine vana vayo zvinoreva kuti anofanira kuriritira vose amai nevana vavo.

English Equivalent: One who pulls a fallen branch of a tree also drags its leaves.

English Meaning: Taking responsibility for somebody goes beyond external care. You will have to take into account their commitments, hopes, and ambitions. Inherit a wife and you inherit her children as well. Love me, love my dog.

Context: Traditionally, if a person got married to a woman with children from a previous marriage, he was expected to take care of the children. In this way the interests of the children was at the forefront of this kind of marriage and could even derail or prohibit the process. This was a proverb used to express this responsibility as our elders observes that anytime you pull a fallen branch, the leaves are a natural accompaniment. So it’s wider understanding is that when you take up certain endeavors or tasks, one must appreciate the full extent of the endeavors and must be prepared to take all other related tasks and responsibilities.

Application: As mentioned above, the proverb is most commonly used to advise someone who is about to marry someone who already has children, that they will also look after the children. However in its broader sense it used to advise anyone taking up a responsibility that they will also have to take up the related tasks and responsibilities.


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