Regai dzive shiri, mazai haana muto

Zvimwe zvinhu zvinoda kumirirwa kuti nguva yazvo ikwane kwete kuzvimhanyirira. Tsumo iyi inowanzoshandisa kudzivisa avo vanoda vanasikana vasati vabva zera neavo vanoroodza vanasikana vasati vabva zera.

English Literal Equivalent: Wait for the grown birds, there can be no soup from eggs.

English Meaning: One must not rush maturity. Wait for the full maturation of events instead of prematurely harvesting or celebrating.

Context: When one is rearing fowls, they are often tempted to devour the eggs and not wait until these become fully grown birds of their own. Our elders in this proverb instruct that if one wants relish and meat from rearing fowls then they should wait until these eggs hatch and the birds mature. The birds can then provide meat as well as more eggs in some instances meaning that the benefits are greater due to the patience exercised. Inversely devouring eggs can lead to the fowl run not developing further. This means that some things are better off when given the opportunity to fully mature to the extent that they too can provide greater benefit. In this way our elders were referring to the maturity of young girls – that even though at some stage they may marry (or engage in sexual activity), this process must not be rushed but rather only done once they have reached the desired age of maturity.

Application: The proverb is used to prevent people from doing an act or activity whose time has not yet materialised. It is useful for advising that patience is required in order to fully benefit from the act or activity whereas hastening the maturity process will yield long term negative consequences. For this purpose the proverb is fittingly and usually applied in advising society against child marriages addressed to men who set their eyes on young girls as well as families that are willing to marry their girls away.


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