Akubuyelwa nganxanye kungemanzi

Literal EngOnly water moves in one direction.



Abantu abangeke bavumelane entweni zonke.

Eng Accept the fact that people are bound to differ in some ways.


In a given area or region, water will always flow in one direction, that is towards where the land is sloping. People on the other hand, despite them being of the same family, tribe, kinship, party or otherwise are less likely to agree or to share the same opinion or even taste all the time. It is implied in this proverb that people are not like water which flows in the same direction always. In society there are people who believe everyone should have the same views or tastes as they do. In discussions, such people will tend to be emotional once their opinions are challenged or once people express views that are different from theirs. Once that happens, some important and valuable opinions are suppressed.
The proverb is used to advise that people are bound to have different opinions and tastes hence it supports a culture of tolerance.
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