Akuhlanga lwalahlana, abantwana bensimba bahamba belandelana

Literal EngNo kinsfolk has ever abandoned each other, as offsprings of civet cats always follow each other wherever they go.



Abantu banye bayanakekelana kungaze kubenzima kanjani.

Eng Relatives will always be there for each other even in the hardest of the times.


It is believed that the young ones of a civet cat will always follow each other wherever they go. This implies that these felines recognize one of their own and will always be there for each other. This proverb derives from this behaviour of civet cats and it suggests that people can learn from this act by supporting family. There were situations where ordinary people would not be in a position to assist a person and only family cannot abandon such as some funeral processes. This could be because of something that is only known by the family which could be the presence of a spirit. In such scenarios it is family members only who would find themselves assisting.
This proverb is used for family members to encourage them to stand for each other no matter what the circumstances are.
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