Akukho gundwane lahlala lentanga

Literal EngNo rat ever stayed with pumpkin seeds.



Ungabofaka umuntu ezilingweni.

Eng Do not put someone into temptations needlessly.


One of the rat's favorite food apart from peanuts is pumpkin and water melon seeds. Rats always look for these seeds. Putting these in the path of rats or anywhere near the rats means a free meal for the latter. Since such seeds are needed for sowing in the next planting season, they should be kept away from any animal that can feed on them including rats. Our ancestors used the rat and pumpkin seed phenomenon to descourage people from putting temptations right in the path of others. Anything that could lead others into temptations, for instance, stealing, committing adultery among other ills should be avoided.
The proverb is used to advise that every effort should be done to protect people from their obvious temptations - be they things they desire or have a weakness for. It also teaches that every effort should be made to protect our valuables from obvious predators or from being beguiled.
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