Akulahlwa mbeleko ngokufelwa

Literal EngNoone ever throws away a blanket for carrying a baby after a baby dies.



Ungadeli ukwenza ulutho ngoba uke wehluleka ukulwenza ngendlela ngaphambilini.

Eng One must not give up so easily.


A blanket that is used to strap a baby at the back of its mother is normally kept for a succession of babies. Throwing away or giving away the blanket would suggest that the mother or family have given up any hope of ever having a baby. The proverb derives from this age-long practice of keeping blankets for anticipated future babies and suggests that people can borrow from this phenomenon in various aspects of life. The main focus of the proverb is to encourage people not to despair or give up easily in the face of failure or misfortunes. There are situations in life where some tasks seem insurmountable after an attempt, due to one reason or another, fails to deliver the desired results. In such cases, people are tempted to give up any further attempts. This may result in people abandoning some projects that could better their lives or the livelihood of the entire community.
The proverb is meant to encourage people and strengthen into perseverance in a noble cause. It is applied in situations where one is losing hope or showing signs of despair while there is still an opportunity to get results.
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