Akunkwali yaphandela enye

Literal EngNo patridge fends for another.



Umuntu munye ngamunye uyazisebenzela yena lemuli yakhe.

Eng Everyone must fend and work for their livelihood. In other words one man for himself.


During feeding, partridges use their feet to scratch the ground for grain and other edibles. It is therefore expected that every grown partridge will scratch the ground to get its own food. No partridge should expect to get food from another's labour. In this way our elders were teaching us the lesson that everyone must work for the things they want and should not rely on others for their sustenance. Through this example our elders highlighted the importance of each and every one working for themselves and not relying on others for their sustenance.
There are some people who are too lazy to work for themselves and expect relatives and friends to provide for them. However, friends and relatives may not be able to fend for their own families and them. It is therefore encouraged using this proverb that everyone should work and provide for themselves and avoid relying on others
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