Akuqhalaqhala lehlula isidwaba

Literal EngNo girl, nomatter how cocksure, has ever outsmarted a skin skirt.



Izenzo zomuntu ziyaguquka nxa eseyendile kumbe esethethe.

Eng One can not behave in the same way after marriage as they did before marriage.


In the past when a woman got married, there were certain behaviours and certain clothing expected of her. In traditional times, such clothing was a skin skirt (isidwaba) that was different from the one worn by girls. No woman avoided this no matter how smart or wild she was. Before they are married some people may misbehave and display some wild characters. However, when one gets married they are expected to display their best behavior and maintain a respectable disposition since they would also be seen as parents and leaders in society. The same applies for men even though this proverb uses an example based on female clothing, because there are certain behaviours expected of men too upon marriage.
The proverb is used to encourage respectable behaviour from those who are married because their stature is revered within the community and inescapable.
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