Buchitheka bugayiwe

Literal EngThe beer can be spilt after the brewing process has been completed successfully.



Izinto zingonakala noma ngasiphi isikhathi.

Eng Never allow room for complacency even when most of what you intended to achieve has been completed. Simply put, its not over until it's over.


The process of brewing beer in the African way can take a process spanning over a week. After the brewing process is completed the beer is sent to be consumed but due to some carelessness beer can be spilt one way or the other and people then have nothing to drink. Once beer is ready people gather hence spilling beer when people have gathered was regarded as costly both economically and socially. When things are going according to plan in various aspects of life, there is always a temptation to be complacent which results in people losing focus and hence failing to get the reward even after putting a lot of effort and achieving a lot of important milestones.
This proverb warns against complacency by reminding people that anything can happen between a cup of tea and the lips.
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