Evuka muva ibanjwa yizinja

Literal EngThe animal that rises up late will be caught by dogs



Yenza izinto ngokukhawuleza funa ulimale kumbe utshiywe yisikhathi.

Eng One should act promptly lest their lives are endangered or an opportunity is lost due to lost time.


The proverb uses the observation that some animals that move in herds including wild pigs, kudus, impala etc. when sensing danger, such as hunting parties who moved with dogs, will rise as fast as they can and run for dear life. The animal which reacts slowest and is last to rise is usually the one singled out by the dogs for a catch. In this way the proverb underscores the importance of not being left behind or moving early with the rest of the pack.
When opportunities come to people, not all of us are able to see the apportunies and act on the opportunities to our advantages. Alternatively some people live in a comfort zone, oblivious to the dangers that may confront them which can only be avoided if they act or move fast. The proverb therefore encourages people to stay alert and notice danger or opportunity at the very first signs and act promptly.
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