Hamba juba bazakucutha phambili

Literal EngGo on dove, they will pluck yo feathers ahead.



Nxa ungaba lenkani utshelwa abantu bazakuyeka uyewela engozini.

Eng A pig-headed person is usually left to his fate as one day he will suffer for his obstinacy.


Dove meat is common among African dishes. One either traps the birds or shoots them using various ways. However doves are smart and rarely stay still - making their catching a difficult task. When the dove has been caught, its preparation as with other fowls, includes the plucking of its feathers. If one fails to catch the bird, one does not give up, knowing that the bird can not escape for ever. Someone else will catch the bird on another occasion. In this way our elders liked some people to the dove whose obstinance is best left alone since it will catch up on them one day.
This proverb is applied to people who tend to be deaf to advice. Such people give the impression that they are smart and capable of overcoming or eluding any dangers in life without advice or warnings from other people. As such people end up not warning them of any dangers that lie ahead of them.
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