Induku kayakhi muzi

Literal EngA knobkerrie does not build a home.



Imuli ehlezi isilwa njalo nje ivame ukungaphumeleli.

Eng A family or homestead that resorts to violence as way of solving problems will not succeed.


This proverb was developed from an unfortunate practice by men who believed that beating up their wives made them more manly or man enough. It seems it may have been common for men to beat up women for one reason or another. Unsurprisingly these women or wives would often run away from their marital homes if they could not put up with the beatings or gained the courage to leave. Our ancestors then realised that this practice was retrogressive to the development of the family since men who beat up their wives would end up marrying more than once due to violence induced divorces and separations. It would obviously take its toll on the children too.
Some families still resort to fights, domestic violence to solve their misunderstandings. This barbaric and unloving acts do not only affect the party being abused but the children too since such homes become unconducive for the proper mental and psychological upbringing and development of children. Hence the proverb is used to discourage the use of violence in the family or homestead.
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