Injobo enhle ithungelwa ebandla

Literal EngA good loinskin is sewn in the company of others.



Umuntu odinga ulwazi kulabo abazi ngcono kulaye uvame ukuphumelela kulokho akwenzayo

Eng People perform better in whatever they are doing by seeking knowledge and guidance from the more experienced and skilled individuals.


In traditional times loin skins were the most common clothing items. Men usually made their loinskins. There were times when men both young and old met to discuss wordly issues usually at a traditional beer drink. At these gatherings older men told the younger men stories of the days of old thereby sharing the wisdom of their forefathers with the young. As such clever young men who were not experienced enough in doing such things as sewing loinskins, would bring their prepared skins for sewing at such gatherings. Here, the experieced and skilled older men would guide the younger men on how to properly make the loinskins. It is only the foolish young men who would prepare their loinskins on their own away from the experienced. Most often than not such people would fail to prepare the loinskins properly and would have to put on poorly made loinskins.
In life, there are some people who would want to do things on their own dispite limited knowledge and experience on the tasks. As such they end up delivering substandard and mostly unacceptable pieces of work. Had such people sought guidance and advice from the more experienced, they could perform better. The proverb thus encourages the less experienced to realise their deficiences and seek guidance from those who know better.
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