Inkunzi ibekwa ematholeni

Literal EngA bull is chosen from among calves.



Umkhokheli ukhethwa kwabasakhulayo.

Eng Good leaders are groomed while they are young.


Cattle breeding requires a bull of a desired quality. As such, characteristics and qualities of male calves are observed early to determine the calf that could make a good bull. Every other male calf is then castrated. Because bulls were regarded as the leaders of their herd, the concept was adopted for choosing future leaders. Having a good leader is therefore, a function of choosing a person with the right qualities as well as grooming the individual for exceptional leader.
The proverb suggests that grooming or training someone for a position of responsibility or authority is as important as important as choosing the candidate for such a position. It is thus used to promote grooming, mentorship and other training process for leadership. It can also be used to attribute the good qualities of a leader to their grooming.
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