Isalakutshelwa sibona ngomopho

Literal EngA person who refuses to be told learns by the flow of his/her blood.



Umuntu ongalaleli izixhwayiso lezeluleko ucina esewele engozini.

Eng A pig-headed person learns the hard way.


The African traditional life was full of adventure. The adventures included hunting parties and in some cases territorial wars and battles, all of which were risky. In each case, people undertook the adventures in numbers to increase their strength and to support one another. Some people were more experienced in these expeditions than their colleagues. As such it was vital for the experienced to share information and knowledge with others. If anyone failed to heed the information given, the consequences could be fatal while taking heed to advice could also save lives.
The proverb educates on the power of listening to voices of wisdom to avoid undesirable outcomes in our lives. There are some people who will always think that they know all that needs to be known and choose not to listen to advise from others. Learning is a process and we learn through listening, among other ways.
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