Izolo liyembelwa

Literal EngYesterday must be buried.



Osokwedlule sokwedlule angeke kuguqulwe muntu.

Eng What is done is done. One must not wallow in the past.


The proverb is derived from the fact that once a day has passed it cannot be seen again. Some other days will come but the day that has passed will always be in the past. It is therefore implied that the troubles and goodies of a day passed with the passing of the day and should thus remain in the past just like the day. There are times when people waste valuable time dwelling in the past instead of focussing on the future. Some people bask in the glory of their past successes longer than necessary at the expense of the challenges or tasks of the present day. In the same vein people spend more time than necessary grieving the sorrows of yesterday's worries at the expense of the present day challenges. Grieving the sorrows of the past longer than necessary will never undo the misfortunes that resulted in the sorrows.
The simple lesson is that since the past cannot be resurrected, people should learn to let go and move on. The proverb is thus used to advice on moving ahead and looking to the present and future and not being trapped in the past.
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