Ubude abuphangwa

Literal EngBeing tall is something one cannot rush or fast track oneself into.



Bekezela kuze kufike isikhathi esifaneleyo.

Eng Do not rush things through. Always wait for the opportune time. Another way to put it is to say; "It pays to be patient".


There are some things that can be done to enhance the the rate at which results can be realised. This does not necessarily apply to human development and growth. Even if one could wish to be taller in a very short space of time, yet the biological development cannot allow such, and will always take its on course resulting in a person attaining a certain height at a time they cannot control or determine. This proverb derives from this phenomenon and suggests that some things will always happen at their own ripe time. In life there are people who are impatient always wanting to get to certain positions in terms of wealth or other acievements faster than it is ordinarily posible to do so. In such cases people will end up taking short cuts or engaging in illegal activities so as to realise the achivemnents. The consequences of such illegal engagements or short cuts may be disastrous either to the person or community.
This proverb is intended to warn people against taking short cuts and mainly encourages people to set realistic goals and to always follow set procedures.
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