Ukhuni olungaziwayo aluthezwa

Literal EngWood from a tree which is not known is not to be used for making fire.



Ungaze waba lobudlelwano obujulileyo lomuntu kumbe abantu ongabaziyo.

Eng One should not trust strangers to the extent of having very close relationship.


In African traditional culture, certain trees are recommended for firewood, medicine or other positive purposes. Other trees, for one reason or another, are not supposed to be brought home let alone be used as firewood. For an unknown tree, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to tell whether using it for firewood would result in negative effects in the homestead or not. As such it is safer not to use the wood at all. Only known trees are therefore used as firewood.
It is possible for people to be deceived by people who pretend to be what they are not. As a result people get involved one way or the other with the wrong people. Our ancestors used the firewood fetching practice to descourage people particularly the young ones from getting involved with people they hardly know.
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