Umlomo litshoba lokuziphungela

Literal EngThe mouth is the brush for driving away flies from oneself.



Umuntu kumele athole ithuba lokuziphendulela nxa kulomlandu owetheswayo.

Eng A person must have an opportunity to speak for themselves on any matter concerning them.


Beasts are always troubled by various kinds of flies and they always use the brushy end of their tails to drive away the flies from their bodies. The implication is that a person will from time to time have issues raised against them, which issues should be driven away in the same way the beasts drive away the flies. The weapon however, which is at the disposal of a human being for driving away any issues raised agaist them is the mouth which should then be used for self defence against any verbal attack on the person or character of the individual. Such attack can have far reaching consequences to the individual hence the need for self defence.
There are tendecies for some people to blame others for certain things without given them a chance to speak for themslves. This proverb is used in such instances and hence challenges people to always give others a chance to speak for themselves. On the other hand, some people will choose to keep quite when issues are raised against them hoping or believing that fate will prove their innocence. This proverb thus also encourages people to always speak for themslves and express their views on issues that relate to them.
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