Uzoqoqwa yikuhlwa

Literal EngYou will be gathered by the darkness.



Uhlupho luzokwenza umuntu olihlongandlebe abone ukukhanya.

Eng Trouble, misfortune or need will bring one to their senses.


During daylight a person (particularly a child) is brave enough to stray away from home for one reason or another. One of these reasons could be altercation with parents or spouse. However, when night falls, the fear of darkness and all the known and perceived evils associated with darkness far outweigh the reason for leaving home. As such the errant person always finds themselves returning home uninvited.
This proverb is usually used by parents or any person in position of authority to warn people straying from "home" that they will find themselves returning to the established ways due to need. As such noone will have to pursuade them to come back to their senses.
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