Walutheza olulenkume

Literal EngS/he brought a log with a scorpion while fetching firewood



Wazilwthela / wazidingela uhlupho

Eng One has brought the problems upon themselves


In the African village firewood was an essential part of livelihoods and the chore of fetching firewood, primarily (but not exclusively) a female role in those days, meant that sometimes the logs collected also brought home some scorpions that would have sought refuge in the logs. When this happens the scorpion may end up stinging that person or one of the family members. The proverb uses this example to stress that some problems are actually brought home by an innocent act of someone.
In life, there are some choices we make, acts we do, which may end up affecting our lives nagatively. The proverb seeks to remind people to scrutunise the choices or actions before implementing them to avoid undesirable consequences that can be avoided before they occur.
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