Zithiywa ngezikudlayo

Literal EngThe birds are trapped using what they eat.



Umuntu ulula unqotshwa kumbe ukuhugwa nxa kusaziwa ukuthi uthandani.

Eng People can easily tempt you if they know what you like, or what your weaknesses are.


When trapping birds people use grain as bait to attract birds to the traps. As they try to eat the grain, birds are then trapped. The same applies to other creatures such as rats/mice, which are trapped using groundnuts or peanut butter. The understanding is that people are like these birds and creatures which can easily be trapped using what they like most. Some people are so careless in their lives that people, including their enemies can easily identify their weaknesses in terms of what they like. It is then easy to trap such people and harm them because those who want to conquer them have studied what they like most. People can lose their valuables to con people who use what their victims want most.
The proverb warns people to be wary of the deals and/or offers that appear to be too good as these are most often than not used as bait. It is also used to admonish someone who fell due to not fully safeguarding themselves against their weakness when someone else exploits this weakness.
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