Inyathi ibuzwa kwabaphambili

Nxa ulutho ungalwazi buza kulabo abaziyo

English Literal Equivalent: The buffalo is inquired from those in front.

English Meaning: One should get guidance and direction from those with the knowledge and experience

Context: Hunting parties usually moved in cow horn formations. Buffalo’s are particularly dangerous when hunting and as such, hunters had to be careful in their chase. Those in the direction in which the buffalo ran were regarded as the front ones and would have seen exactly where the buffalo’s went. Those that were at the back had to ask those in front so they don’t chase after the beasts blindly. In this venture out ancestors learnt the lesson that one should not venture into tasks without the requisite skills and expertise or without asking those who have ventured before them for advice.

Application: The proverb is used discourage people from embarking on endeavors or an activity without proper knowledge. It is understood some people might have embarked on the same journey and/or activities and could come in handy if their advice and direction is sought early.


Inxeba lendoda alihlekwa

Kumele sikhombise uzwelo kulabo abehlelwe luhlupho oluthuze, singabenzi inhlekisa. English Literal Equivalent: Another man’s wound should not be laughed at. English Meaning: Do not mock

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Okwehlula amadoda kuyabikwa

Kuqakathekile ukukhuluma ngokukuhluphayo kulabo abasondelane lawe ukuze bakusize. English Literal Equivalent: What men fail to handle should be reported. English Meaning: One should give voice

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