Kurumwa netsikidzi rambira mumba, chitete chinopinza mune chikobvu

Kurwa nokupopotedzana kwevanhu vemhuri imwe chete kunofanira kupedzwa naivo pachavo. Kana mumwe wavo akada kundotsvaga mazano kune vokunze zvinogona kukonzera bopoto rinokwanisa kuputsa mhuri yavo.

English Literal Equivalent: In spite of bug bites, remain in the house; small problems may otherwise lead to bigger problems.

English Meaning: Family squabbles should not lead to separation. A husband and wife should seek reconciliation with one another before seeking outside intervention.

Context: This is one of many proverbs that can be used by using any two parts of the proverb. The first part refers to someone who would have been bitten by a bug or louse (most probably at night) while inside a house or hut. It would be unwise for that person to run out of the house due to such a small threat. By leaving the house to seek relief from such small but irritable bites, one may now expose themselves to even greater threats like wild animals which rarely enter the house. This threat is shown in the second part of the proverb which relates to a slim threat leading to a big threat. Hence the proverb is indirect advice to those within a house to first deal with the challenges they face inside as best they can, before seeking alternative processes outside the home as there is also greater threat from engaging what is outside the home. It is a proverb that hinges on the sanctity of the marriage and/or the family in Karanga culture where various processes and practices were devised to protect and uphold the family and consequently any marriage. Generally outside interference or recourse was shunned upon and seen as possibly being responsible for widening the divide than reconciling a home or a family. Compare this proverb with “Variri variri, wechitatu muzvinaguhwa.”

Application: The proverb provides advice particularly for families that regardless of internal challenges, it is better to exhaust all options internally before seeking outside assistance because third parties can often worsen the situation. In this way it warns third parties to not easily engage in internal familial problems if they are not part of the family because they are easier to blame if things worsen. It is particularly useful for husband and wife, as advice on trying their best to reconcile differences between themselves and immediate family before sharing these challenges with outsiders. It is also to advise a family member that one should not separate themselves from the family due to internal squabbles.


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