Lala laza sikwengule

Kutshiwo nxa umuntu engananzeleli ingozi engahle imehlele ngenxa yenhlalakahle alayo.

English Literal Equivalent: Rest – milk cream – so we can skim you off.

English Meaning: A person who feels secure due to his fortune can be in trouble. One is most vulnerable when they are most comfortable.

Context: When fresh milk is left in a container for the night, cream collects at the surface of the milk. The cream was used, before the introduction of cooking oil in the African home, for preparing vegetables for relish. As such after milking, the milk would be carried home and kept for the night undisturbed. The condition for the cream to collect was that the milk is not disturbed by any form of stirring including changing containers. Once these conditions are met, the cream can comfortably collect at the surface of the the milk. In the morning, the cream is skimmed and used to prepare the relish. In the way the milk may assume a comfort zone because it is not disturbed all night, yet this is essentially so that is ready for proper use the next day. Noticing this, our ancestors observed that some people are easily trapped into some comfort by their enemies and do not get to realize this until it is too late.

Application: The proverb is used to warn people to be warry of certain comforts or fortunes. One’s enemies or detractors usually use some of the comforts to lure and trap them.


Inxeba lendoda alihlekwa

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