Bveni kuipa zvaro asi haridyi chakafa choga; Kusviba kusviba haro gunguwo haridye chakafa chega

Literal EngThe baboon may be ugly but it does not eat something that died on its own (a natural death); However black the crow is, it does not eat a thing that died naturally.



Kunyangwe munhu achitadza ane zvimwewo zvaanonatsa, saka haafaniri kopomerwa mhosva dzose.

Eng However one may fail or whatever vices they may have, they will still have some virtuous qualities.


The baboon or the crow both have their obvious negative qualities. However these do not prevent them from shying away from some negative traits such as eating something that has died on its own. Crows are particularly interesting in that if they did not see the animal being killed they will refrain from eating it. From this observation our elders saw the lesson that regardless of all the negative traits, there is still hope for positive traits in everyone.
The proverb is used to reflect on the possibilities of virtue in every individual. It can be used to challenge or address a habitual offender or sinner to show some positive qualities by insisting that everyone must have some minimum standards or virtuous qualities.
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