Chapfuura chapfuura, mvura haiyereri ichikwidza gomo

Literal EngWhat has occurred has occurred, water does not flow up a mountain.



Kana chinhu chapfuura hazvibatsiri kuramba uchikungura kana zvisingayamura panguva iyoyo. Pfuma yakashandiswa ikapera, yapera, haichadzoki kuti igoshandiswazve.

Eng One cannot alter something that has already occurred hence there is no point in dwelling on it. What is done is done. Wealth utilized, has been utilized and cannot resolve present requirements.


The proverb makes use of laws of gravity in relation to water. It is a well known fact that water only flows to a lower place. Our elders hence observed that water would always flow down a mountain and never upwards. If water has passed in its downward direction it will not engage in a reversal by going upward. In this allegory they realized the futility of dwelling on things that have passed and are irreversible. For instance utilized wealth counts as no relief to prevailing needs.
The proverb is used to persuade someone to not live in the past or not to dwell overly on former opportunities or resources when circumstances have changed. It is particularly useful in situations where one recounts their former wealth or resources already used when they are confronted with new prevailing needs.
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