Chikomo chiremera chevari kure, vari pedyo vanotamba nacho

Literal EngA hill is revered by those far away, those nearby play with it.



Munhu mukuru anorerutswa nevanhu vaagere navo nokuti vanenge vamuzivira, asi kune vokure angave nemukurumbira kana rukudzo rukuru kwazvo nokuti havamuzivi uye havana kumujaira.

Eng Stature and greatness is esteemed by those who are distant, those who are close and familiar share no such reverence. A similar english proverb is No man is a hero to his valet.


Hills may look enormous or insurmountable from afar and in some cases they may be shrouded in mystery and mysticism. Those who see such a hill for the first time, may view it with awe, admiration and even fear. However those who reside close to the hill will find it normal and spend plenty of time playing on or around the mountain and engaging in other activities such as hunting and gathering around the hill. The hill is used to symbolize a person of high standing in the community hence while others may venerate these people, those close to them will share banter and play with them just as they would with other people. Hence our elders observed that those who usually lionize a person of high standing are those who least know or are least in contact with that individual.
The proverb is used to explain the reverence and awe that others may have for someone of great stature while those close to that person do not hold them in such high esteem. It is used to assist someone to realize that all people are simple and normal if you get to know them.
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