Chikomo shata divi, rimwe ritambire pwere

Literal EngSmall hill, be hideous on one side so children can play on the other side.



Munhu akaipa anofanira kuita dzimwe tsika nemabasa akarurama.

Eng A bad or evil person should have some redeeming qualities.


In ancient times the hills and valleys differed in terms of purpose and possibilities. Some hills were sacred and few ventured there, others were used for habitation by chiefs or wealthy individuals, others were used as advatage points in battles, etc. But for the less mystical hills, these were places where our ancestors could find leisure, caves for hiding from torrid weather, fruits for eating, etc. and for the children the hills provided plenty sites to play. However for one hill to have only dangerous or mysticism associated with it was unfortunate since this deprived the community of its other possible positive aspects. These disparate features and possibilities were noticed by our ancestors as similar in human nature. Regardless of the bad traits one may show, they must also show some positive attributes that make them amiable to others.
The proverb is used as advice to someone (with vices abound) to offer some redeeming qualities. It can also be used to highlight that every person, no matter how bad or evil them seem, will always have some virtuous qualities too.
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