Dai yaive mbeu, yaidyarwa kumucheto kwemunda

Literal EngIf it were a seed, it would be sown at the edge of the field.



Vanhu havafariri kugara nevamwe vane zviito netsika dzakaipa. Izvi zvinotaurwa kumunhu asingadikanwi pamusana pezviito zvake zvakaipa.

Eng People dissociate themselves from those with abhorrent behaviours.


Seeds are very critical to farming since this is where the plant itself comes from. When well-tended seeds can grow into large plants that can sustain a family and, in relation to commercial farming, they can sustain a nation. In traditional times the seeds planted at the edge of the field were usually closest to the road or the forest and hence were at the risk of being stamped on or devoured by birds. When these seeds became plants they could be harvested by passer-by’s or the blossom eaten by wild animals. Traditionally the expert farmer would select their seeds carefully and sow the bad seed at the edges so that it faces all the risks mentioned above while good seeds were closer to the homestead or in the middle of the field which was more fortified. Hence the expression of sewing seed at the edge of the field was related to a dislike for the seed to such an extent that one could care less if this seed was lost. In this proverb our ancestors were impressing on the importance of good behaviour and manners so that others would like to associate with you.
The proverb is used to express dislike to an individual due to that person’s bad behaviour and lack of manners.
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