Igaroziva kuti mhanza yembudzi iri mumabvi

Literal EngIt is well known that a goat's baldness is on it's knees.



Usafungidzire pazvinhu zvose nokuti zvimwe zvinosiyana.

Eng Things are not always what they seem.


It is well known that baldness refers to a scalp lacking hair wholly or partly. However when referring to a goat or other creatures, they experience a lack of hair, fur or feathers in other parts of their bodies and not the head. In this regard our ancestors observed that while men would bald on the head, goats experienced baldness on their knees. Hence, merely because a goat does not have receding hair on its forehead, does not mean the goat has not aged - one has to observe further and seek the baldness on the knees for reference.
The proverb is used to advise someone who is quick to conclude that they may need to analyze or observe further because things are not what they may seem. It is often used when one is trying to rebut a presumption made by someone, particularly based on comparisons.
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