Kudada kwavari mugomo kukumbira vari pasi mapfiwa; Kudada kwavari mugomo kukumbira tsvairo vari mungan’a

Literal EngIt is mockery/arrogance when mountain dwellers ask for hearth stones from these who live in the valley/plains. The arrogance of those on the hill is to ask those on the plain for straw-brooms.



Kukumbira chinhu chaunacho kuvanhu vasina uchiitira kuvatsvinyira nekuvadadira. Kana vane zvinhu (vapfumi) vakange vokumbira kune vasina (varombo) zvinoratidza kuvaseka nokuvasvora.

Eng It is arrogance that drives those who have plenty to beg from those who have little. One should not do or say something that humiliates the less-privileged.


In times gone by, the wealthier persons in society would often choose to reside on the hills. Stones are and were abundant on most mountains or hills in this region and hence mountain dwellers would be spoilt for choice on which stones to use as hearth stones. These hearth-stones were particularly important since when used in three or foursomes they provided the balance for which to place pots when cooking. It would hence be very haughty for a mountain dweller to seek such stones from those in the plains where stones were not as easily accessible. In this way our ancestors saw this situation as being similar to a rich person who sarcastically asks for something from a poor person who has nothing to offer.
The proverb is used to scorn those with means who make mock of those who are less privileged. It is also used as defense by someone who is not well off when approached for assistance by those who are better-off.
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