Kufa kwemurume kubuda ura

Literal EngThe death of a man is when his intestines are laid bare.



Murume chaiye haangobvumi kukundwa kana kukundikana.

Eng A man’s defeat only comes at his death.


The proverb is presented in a form of statement and requires an allegorical interpretation to fully understand. By stating that a man’s death is when his intestines are exposed, our elders were referring to the importance of obstinance and a fighting spirit in men. In this gory imagery the message is that even in a battlefield a man would only be defeated when his intestines are laid bare and as such a real man would keep fighting until that point of certain death. Hence a man should only be defeated in similar circumstances. The lesson for men is to never give up or give in easily.
The proverb is used to encourage and strengthen men in asserting their valour and stressing that they will need to be obstinate to life’s challenges by not giving in easily. It is used particularly when a man is facing dire circumstances and is used to remind him that he still has to fight on.
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