Kurima mazvuru mana hunge usina chawaona

Literal EngIf you weed four ant-hills it means you were not disturbed.



Kana munhu akasasangana nezvimhingamupinyi pabasa rake anoriita richibudirira.

Eng When one is focused and not interrupted, they are likely to accomplish a task well.


In times gone by, often the farmer would have to plant or weed around an ant hill. This ant hill could have either developed within a farming area or the farmer would be trying to clear out a new area in order to farm. In some instances ant-hills were used to demarcate a field. Anthills usually have very fertile soil around them hence the probably of plenty of weed. This meant that tending to such an area was quite cumbersome and one would need as little disturbance as possible for them to focus and cover the area successfully. With this proverb our ancestors issued the lesson that for someone to succeed in finishing a solid piece of work in good time, it would be due to the fact that they were not interrupted.
The proverb is used to advise on the importance of being focused and not being disturbed in order to accomplish an big project. It is also used to comment on the reasons why someone would have successfully accomplished a major task.
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