Kuziva mbuya huudzwa

Literal EngTo know your in-laws can only be done by being told who they are.



Ruziwo runobva kuna vamwe. Kuti uziwe zvimwe zvinhu unenge watodzidziswa kana kuudzwa nevamwe.

Eng Wisdom comes from others. All you know you were taught


The proverb uses the obvious reality that one never gets to know their own relatives on their own. Mbuya (grandmother) here is used to represent wisdom and in Shona culture the grandmother was considered the primary source of wisdom and knowledge during the formative years. Hence our ancestors were stressing the importance learning from others and and our elders.
The application of this proverb is both as a reminder and a call to someone seeking wisdom to engage others and particularly the elderly regularly to learn from their experience and knowledge. It is also a proverb that encourages intergenerational relations.
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