Mubayiro wezvivi rufu

Literal EngThe reward for wickedness is death.



Chinhu chose chakaipa chinoitwa nomunhu chinozopedzisira chamupinza mumatambudziko.

Eng Evil will result in calamity and suffering. A similar english adage is the wages of sin is death.


The karanga people have always had deep spiritual beliefs centered on God (Mwari) which centered on doing good and treating others in a way that one would like to be treated. This spirituality also created linkages between wrongdoing and calamity and it was observed that the only reward one would gain from the evil ways would be the bad luck and hardships that would befall them. Over time observations made showed that those who were known for their wicked ways always fell into mishaps. With this and various other proverbs and folklore our ancestors developed numerous lessons aimed at deterring vice and encouraging positive community values.
The proverb is used to discourage against wicked behaviour and evil deeds. It can also be used retrospectively to claim that the hardships one may be facing were brought about by their wayward ways.
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