Munda unotya nzira

Literal EngThe farming field is afraid of the road.



Basa rose kuti rinyatsobudirira rinoda kutariswa nekuitwa nemazvo zuva nezuva zvisina kumira kana hunyope. Kana mwene womunda, achiuya kuzousakura mazuva ose, munda unonyatsodavira.

Eng Perseverance and persistent application ensures that the labour will produce desired results.


In order for a field to bear a bumper harvest, it requires constant attention and tending. In traditional times the continual travelling to the field resulted in a pathway forming along the route the farmer would use. If one did not always go to the filed, no clear path would form. In this colourful allegory, the field is viewed as an unwilling actor who will be quick to defy the efforts of the farmer and will only succumb to persistent and disciplined application symbolised by the pathway that is formed from the dedicated farmer. Once a farmer makes it a habit to visit his field on a daily basis and tend to it, the field will produce due to the attention it receives. This constant attention ensures that farmer is aware of all threats to his/her produce such as weeds, pests.
The proverb is used to advise on the importance of dedication and discipline in ensuring that in any venture one engages in, they apply themselves persistently. It is a literal lesson on the pertinence of close attention towards any farming venture.
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