N’anga nyoro inoodza maronda

Literal EngA healer who is soft allows wounds to fester.



Kuregerera zvinhu zvakaipa zvichienderana mberi nokuda kwokuita mutsa navapari vemhosva kunouyisa nhamo.

Eng Leniency can lead to greater problems in the future.


When one visited a healer and explained their ailment or difficulty, the healer may sometimes provide a remedy that may also be painful or challenging to pursue. Some patients would then plead for a less painful or less difficult remedy fearing to face the toughness of the remedy. However sometimes there are no short cuts or simpler processes of ensuring one is fully cured and if these were wounds they would rot or get worse. With this simple example the elders were warning us against leniency and encouraging us to take the right approaches regardless of their difficulty.
The proverb is used to warn against lenient approaches to addressing a pressing a issue or rooting out vices as this can allow these bad habits or pressing issues to get worse or develop further.
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