Ndezvameso muromo zvinyarare

Literal EngIt is for the eyes only; the mouth must remain quiet.



Munhu ngaasati kana anzwa dzimwe nyaya dzevanhu ongofamba achiudza vanhu vose.

Eng One must not use knowledge they have on other people’s affairs to fuel gossip.


One conspicuous aspect of the Karanga people is the ability for the mouth to spread truths and untruths to all and sundry. When one visits others they may see certain things that they may not approve of and they may decide to share this knowledge with others. This is dangerous because it can strain various relationships including third party interests. Hence our elders realized that not all information obtained must be shared and sometimes discretion must be used to simply observe quietly.
The proverb is used to advice on the importance of keeping certain information that one is privy to, to oneself. It cautions on the dangers of gossip or spreading information or one’s opinions on issues they have encountered about other people’s affairs.
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