Rinonyenga rinohwarara, rinomutsa musoro rawana; Chinotsvaka chinokotama chinosimudza musoro chawana

Literal EngOne who is courting lays low and only raises their head when they get what they want. One who is courting bows (down), but raises their head when they marry.



Vanhu kana vane zvavanoda vanozvininipisa asi kana vazowana zvavanga vachitsvaga ndipo pavanoratidza zvavari kana kuzvindundumadza. Kana munhu aine chaanoda anochikumbira achinyengetedza ozoita hake manyawi kana achiwana.

Eng Suppliant humility can be replaced by surfeited pride. One may humble themselves when asking for something but suddenly change their attitude when they get it.


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This is used to advise one who seeks something or a favour from someone that they need to humble themselves when asking. It also provides lessons to young girls that they should not be fooled by the humility of a man who is courting because this may not be his true nature and they need to still know more about the man. However any woman courted by a man showing very little humility should fear that he may be uncontrollable and disrespectful in marriage.
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