Rufu haruna ishe

Literal EngDeath knows no chief.



Rufu harusarudzi, runotora ishe, muranda, munhu kwaye kana benzi.

Eng One’s stature cannot defy death for it is not selective.


There are people who may achieve some status in life and may even be seen as infallible by others. Such people may have no equals and may strike fear and mysticism among those that know them. However it matters not who a person may be or what they have attained, when their time comes, death will swoop them away like all others before them. In this proverb our ancestors observed that stature cannot defy death because death is non-selective and comes to us all. It befalls all people - rich and poor, wise and foolish.
The proverb is used to highlight the indiscriminate nature of death in that it knows no class, race, age, religion or other differentiation. It is also used to warn and remind those who may view someone as infallible that no matter their stature in life, they too will be consumed one day by death.
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