Rufu haruna n’anga

Literal EngDeath has no healer/doctor.



Munhu ngaite zvose zvaanokwanisa achiri mupenyu nekuti rufu ndivo magumo.

Eng One must do all they can before they die. Death is final.


Death comes to us all and our ancestors were well aware of this. Through this and various other proverbs they alluded to the finality of death. In this particular proverb they buttress the reality that there is no cure or medical practitioner that can save you from death. Hence in this way one must do all they can while they are still alive so that they do not try and escape death in order to complete some of the things they left hanging.
The proverb is used to encourage people to not delay or do things while they can because in the event of death there will be no opportunity to do those things.
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