Rufu haruna ndanatsa

Literal EngDeath does not care if one is a good person



Rufu runotora nyangwe vakarurama. Rufu harusarudzi vakaipa chete.

Eng Death will take even those who are virtuous due to its non selective nature.


Often in life the most virtuous and good natured people are cruelly devoured by death. While deaths are lamented among Karanga and it was regarded uncultured to talk ill of the dead, those who lived virtuous lives left many lamenting as to why the earth would swallow such good people. However it matters not how good natured a person was or what good qualities they had, when death calls it will take anyone whose time has come. In this way our ancestors commented on the fact that it is impossible to please death by leading a virtuous life because even the virtuous will be taken by death unexpectedly.
The proverb is used to remind that death is so indiscriminate that it will take even those who are virtuous. It can also be used to comfort when a person considered a good person in the community has suddenly passed away.
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