Rufu runoita wegondo, rinotora nhiyo richisiya mai vachichema

Literal EngDeath is like an eagle which takes a chick leaving the mother hen mourning.



Rufu haruzikananwi kuuya kwarwo uye runorwadzisa nokuti runogona kungotora rusvava ruchisiya vakuru varipo.

Eng Death causes untold suffering and often strikes the most innocent ones.


In observing the nature of death our elders were compelled by how many a times an innocent soul is taken away while the protectors remain. This was seen to be similar to the eagle the swoops down to pluck a chick from its hen, leaving the mother in disarray. We cannot tell where, when or how it will strike. Death too can be as cruel particularly where it robs the young of a longer life and leaves those who have already lived many years. However we should not question its ways but accept that it is part of its unpredictable and indiscriminate nature.
The proverb is used to provide solace to someone who is questioning the death of the innocent by highlighting to the them that death is not selective. It is also useful as mere commentary at the death of a child which leaves the parents to mourn.
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