Yaruma sei nzara hurudza kurarira hute?

Literal EngHow biting must the hunger be that even an expert farmer sleeps on wild plums?



Zvinokatyamadza kuti munhu ashaye kana kutadza izvo zvinhu zvaanogona kana kuti zvinopa hunyanzvi hwake.

Eng It is odd for one to fail where their strengths lie. Simply put a farmer should not die of hunger or resort to wild fruits for sustenance.


The master farmer was highly revered in Karanga culture. They were seen as the professionals who could provide for their family and remain with enough to barter with hunters and traders ensuring that their families were always well fed. However if such an expert farmer resorted to eating wild fruits like the wild plum for supper, this was quite astonishing. In this way our elders were particularly concerned with the individual and the circumstances that led to the individual seeking assistance that they were better placed to render.
The proverb is used to show concern and shock at the actions of someone requiring help of the nature that they are meant or seen to be more capable to provide such a as rich person begging from the poor. It is used to question whether there is more to such an occurrence.
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