African Book Reviews 3rd Session

Date: 6 November 2020 Time: 1700Hrs(CAT) Venue: Online

Magical realism is a form of literature that fuses realistic fiction with magical moments to provide new narrative. In Africa this combination is best spelt out with reference to key cultural elements as well as unique historical and current adversities we face as we people.

García Márquez suggests that cultures differ in what they call “real,” hence magical realism serves its most important function of facilitating the inclusion of alternative belief systems. It engages “belief systems that defy rational, empirical (scientific) proof” and often seeks to provide sources of hope and strength. We will be exploring the magical realism as a growing genre in African literature which can provide alternative narratives and what this means for Africa.
All the reviews can read at is a platform for restoring, preserving and celebrating African culture and identity through promoting African ownership of the evolution of our cultures.

Join us as we share and discuss the reviews of 2 reviewers:

Tsitsi Chirikure – reviewing She Would Be King by Wayetu Moore

Goodluck Mwashilindi – reviewing Children of Blood and Bones by Tomi Adeyemi

Moderated by Patrick Mpedzisi

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