Inxele kaliwubusi umuzi

Lesi yisixhwayiso kunkokheli ukuze zibelozwelo kulabo ezibakhokhelayo.

English Literal Equivalent: A left-handed person does not rule over a home

English Meaning: This is a warning given to those in authority that failing to listen to the perspectives or concerns of their followers is counterproductive.

Context: It was believed that left handed people were very authoritarian and did not listen to the pleas of others. As such those families or communities were believed to be ruled with some kind of iron fist giving them no chance of expressing their views or feelings. This meant that constructive views of other family members or followers were rarely used for the prosperity of the grouping. Besides the fact that followers lived in fear, there is also a possibility of good ideas going untapped. Noticing this, our ancestors came with warning to those in positions of leadership to be open to the perspectives of others.

Application: The proverb is applicable to leaders who tend to think they have all the answers to the issues affecting their constituencies. Such leaders therefore need to know that a pig headed leadership will most likely to lead a unsuccessful institutions.


Inxeba lendoda alihlekwa

Kumele sikhombise uzwelo kulabo abehlelwe luhlupho oluthuze, singabenzi inhlekisa. English Literal Equivalent: Another man’s wound should not be laughed at. English Meaning: Do not mock

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Okwehlula amadoda kuyabikwa

Kuqakathekile ukukhuluma ngokukuhluphayo kulabo abasondelane lawe ukuze bakusize. English Literal Equivalent: What men fail to handle should be reported. English Meaning: One should give voice

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