Okwehlula amadoda kuyabikwa

Kuqakathekile ukukhuluma ngokukuhluphayo kulabo abasondelane lawe ukuze bakusize.

English Literal Equivalent: What men fail to handle should be reported.

English Meaning: One should give voice to their distress so they can be assisted.

Context: In African culture it was common for people to solve their challenges by invoking the perspectives of their superiors or elders. If they fail they go to the next level until they reach the chief or King. This was meant to get the advice from the most experienced and the wisest in the community. Either way it was highly discouraged for one to suffer on their own but the set-up provided channels for consultation with others. This also allowed the community to develop and grow its repository for local challenges and solutions. Our ancestors realizing this practice came up with this proverb to encourage people to get advice from the experienced and wise.

Application: This is applicable to the situations where some people think they can solve their challenges without assistance. The proverb encourages people to discuss their problems with those close to them to avoid stressful situations.


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