Umlomo kawugcwalelwa mfula

Kulula ukukhuluma kulokwenza.

English Literal Equivalent: The mouth is not affected by an overflowing river.

English Meaning: Some things are easier said than done. In other words talk is cheap!

Context: After a storm or heavy rains, rivers sometimes overflow to the extent that people fail to cross the rivers to reach their intended destinations. In some situations people can be caught on the opposite sides of the river, and while they cannot cross and be together they can still talk to one another. Observing this, our elders used this proverb to highlight that no matter how difficult the task is, talking is always possible.

Application: The proverb is used in observing people who are good at talking about good intentions yet they are unable to act on their words. Hence it applies where the planning is good yet the execution is unlikely or highly improbable. The proverb also applies to individuals or institutions who fail to deliver on their promises.


Inxeba lendoda alihlekwa

Kumele sikhombise uzwelo kulabo abehlelwe luhlupho oluthuze, singabenzi inhlekisa. English Literal Equivalent: Another man’s wound should not be laughed at. English Meaning: Do not mock

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Okwehlula amadoda kuyabikwa

Kuqakathekile ukukhuluma ngokukuhluphayo kulabo abasondelane lawe ukuze bakusize. English Literal Equivalent: What men fail to handle should be reported. English Meaning: One should give voice

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